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Omija Home Bakes


Omija Home Bakes is Laina's love letter to the magic of home baking & shared moments of sweetness. Most inspired by Korean & Jewish flavors and desserts, Laina's treats are often filled with personal meaning and connection to her identities. For now, you can find her not-too-sweet offerings popping up at Zuckercreme markets in Montavilla. When she's not dreaming up new bakes and flavor combinations,  she's around town working full-time as a social worker and otherwise being a big ole gay.  


Omija (o-me-ja) 


Omija 오미자  means "five flavor berry" and is known for its five distinct flavors -- salty, sweet, sour, spicy, and bitter.  Laina is most drawn to complex, balanced, and sometimes unexpected flavor combinations and the omija berry is a natural source of this inspiration. 

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